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COOLMAX Business Technologies has been actualized by a strong management and a fully motivated team of forward-thinking professionals who excel in their line of activity. Their individual strengths and varied skill-sets have greatly benefited the Company in strategically structuring its way to the top. The team has been carefully chosen to outperform in all quarters. International expertise, understanding of complex structures, in-depth knowledge of designing pre-engineered steel buildings COOLMAX engineering department is powered with an enviable pool of talent.


Once the contract is signed, COOLMAX gets into a consultative working relationship and partners the client at every step to reach the desired design solution. Experienced professionals from the company take complete responsibility and remain in hand-holding mode till the successful completion of Project.

Direct Interaction:

COOLMAX project management team directly interacts with the customers, drastically cutting down on response time and facilitating collaborative understanding.


COOLMAX design codes and engineering software are by far, the most advanced and efficient in the Industry. By adopting the latest globally-accepted procedures the company is aiming at achieving newer heights.

Manufacturing Facility:

COOLMAX state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with high precision CNC machines to fabricate and supply quality-replete steel buildings.

Engineering Expertise | Reconditioned

Engineered For Value

COOLMAX BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES is focusing its energies on increasing the utility of the buildings and reducing costs by the application of optimized design technology. Armed with advanced engineering capabilities, the Company ensures spotless clarity and delivery that fits the brief – from concept to creation.

Design Philosophy

At COOLMAX building technologies, designs are up-to-the-minute – aesthetically and environmentally. They are created keeping in mind both Pakistan and International design codes. Traditionally, all PEB designs follow US design codes as the concept was originally formulated there. These codes, thanks to incessant research-based upgradations, are acknowledged to be the most comprehensive and technically advanced in the world, and offer an intelligent blend of design strength and product cost.

Sales Network

CBT presence is powered by a strong network and professional sales team supported by highly skilled structural steel design and project management engineers.

Project Management

The promise to deliver exceptional value and service drives CBT at every stage.CBT has initiated a specialised Project Management division with client-specific Order Management and Project Management executives. They present a friendly, prompt and problem-free interface that the client can trust at all times.

Builders Network

The project management team has enlisted several highly qualified, trained and certified builders who will carry out the erection under the supervision and guidance of CBT representatives.

BULDING TYPES | Primary Framing System

At CBT practically any type of geometric frame can be built. Some of the most commonly used primary framing systems are featured below.

Typical Plan

Typical Section

Primary Framing System

Crane System

Pre-Engineered Building System Components

A) Primary Built-up Members

B) Secondary Members


Durability and long-term consistent performance – that’s what you get with steel. Reduced structural capacity due to dry-rot, termites, or mold will not compromise a steel structure in an earthquake.


Modern steel has rapidly become one of the most energy efficient building materials to produce.Cold-formed steel (CFS) buildings can be some of the highest performing buildings. CFS buildings have been built to Energy Star status, and can meet LEED requirements and other green building programs and standards.


Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. The industry has embraced the common sense approach that reducing its impact on the environment is not only the right thing to do, but it makes economic sense.

Materials Specification

LGS FRAMING All structural framing components shall conform to ASTM A 635 or equivalent hot dipped galvanized (G90 coating, complying with ASTM A 653/653M, C 955 or equivalent) with thickness and grade as required by structural design calculations (min. yield strength 550/350 MPa). X Drive @ screw shall be used for assembling of the structure.

Exterior Walling System

Option 1: Using 10 to 12mm Cement fiber board
Option 2: Using Steel Cladding System (Cost effective).
Option 3: Using brick masonry attached with LGS wall system.
Option 4: Light concrete using form work up to 4 feet. Remaining wall cladded with Cement Fiber or steel profile sheet.

Interior walling system

Option 1: Using 8 to 10 mm Cement fiber board.

Option 2: Using 12 mm Gypsum board (cost Effective).

Option 3: Concrete using form work up to sill level. Remaining with 12mm Gypsum /CF.

Composite Decking System:

Option 1: 24mm Cement Fiber board Decking sheeting on LGS Joist or 12mm board with 50mm cement screed with tiles.
Option 2: Steel decking sheets with 50mm Cement screed and with tiles

First Floor ROOFING

LGS Trusses
Roof Panels
50 mm Glass Wool Insulation
0.6mm Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Profiled Sheeting.


All interior and Exterior walls shall be filled with mineral wool insulation. Glass wool insulation Blanket shall be used on first floor roof.

Cold Room

With an aim to cater the increasing demand for cold storage in the region, We are engaged in providing the services for the requirements of Cold Storage and Refrigeration industry. Our commitment to Innovation, quality, customer care and cost-focused solutions has enabled us to grow rapidly, backed by our specialist knowledge of refrigeration systems, engineering design and installation.


Your search for high quality reefer boxes, Chiller vans or Refrigerated vehicles ends at us. We guarantee to provide the perfectly suited refrigerated transport solution that will perform it’s daily requirements effectively from day one. We offer the following solutions

Heavy and Light Refrigerated Trucks

Condensing Unit

Coolmax Range of Doors is designed for Safe, Fast, Efficient and Simple Operation for any Internal/External busy doorways. These doors are characterized by their high-quality components and well-conceived design which can be used both inside and outside in sheltered areas that have low/high wind loads and moderate/high temperature. These doors are most suited for controlling environment conditions inside the factory, they also help in improving the flow of traffic through busy doorways.
Self-supporting structure for simple and reliable operation. Speed adjustments are possible in all types of doors. Due to their modern and variable look, our doors perfectly match architecture of any building. These doors are designed to ensure smooth and noiseless operation.

Insulated Doors

Doors are made with same insulation and thickness as of wall panels. All fitting made of anti-corrosive extruded aluminium. Doors are available in many different types, either manual or electrical, ranging from single or double swing to airtight doors. All doors are designed for heavy-duty usage, easy to operate and maintain.

Sectional Doors

This door can be opened vertically and it is made up of horizontal panels that run along lateral guides; moreover, it is fitted out with articulated joints placed among the panels, it bends when approaching the ceiling and it places itself parallel to it, letting the passage opening free.