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Coil Manufacturing

We provide quality range of applications such as Chilled Water Coil, Hot Water Coil, Steam Coil, Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coil including Low Temperature Coil. COOLMAX produces conventional finned pack heat exchangers coils for OEM and other customers, manufactured from the highest quality copper tubes and aluminium or copper fins. Critical components for the coils such as the headers and connecting pipes are manufactured in-house. Specially evaluated quality suppliers and sub-contractors are used for our outsourced components.
DX Evaporator Coil
Hot Water Coil
L-Shaped Condenser Coil
U-Shaped Condensor Coil
Chilled Water Coil (Copper Fins)
Chilled Water Coil
Evaporator Coil
Marine Coated Coil
Condenser Coil - Low Temp.Unit
Steam Coil

Perfect Equipment

L/U Banding Machine
Hair-Pin Banding
Tube Aligning Machine
High Speed Fin Press