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We provide quality range of applications such as Chilled Water Coil, Hot Water Coil, Steam Coil, Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coil including Low Temperature Coil. COOLMAX produces conventional finned pack heat exchangers coils for OEM and other customers, manufactured from the highest quality copper tubes and aluminium or copper fins. Critical components for the coils such as the headers and connecting pipes are manufactured in-house. Specially evaluated quality suppliers and sub-contractors are used for our outsourced components.
DX Evaporator Coil
Hot Water Coil
L-Shaped Condenser Coil
U-Shaped Condensor Coil
Chilled Water Coil (Copper Fins)
Chilled Water Coil
Evaporator Coil
Marine Coated Coil
Condenser Coil - Low Temp.Unit
Steam Coil

Horizontal Duct Type Unit Best fit for ducted applications of multiple zones. Ranging from 20 kW to 40 kW cooling capacity with air volume ranging from 1.11 m3/s to 1.94 m3/s. It is connected to an outdoor condensing unit for heat exchange.

Vertical Package AHU Designed to have a small footprint, this unit can be supplied chilled water to provide cooling via connection to the duct. Ranging from 26.5 kW to 106 kW cooling capacity with air volume ranging from 0.83 m3/s to 3.32 m3/s.


Modular Air Handling Unit Designed to have customizable functionality which can be chosen according to various project requirements.

Roof Top Package Unit
A single unit, composed of the outer and inner unit combined, is very useful for compact placement while maintaining a high air flow rate through the ducts. This electrically run unit provides cooling and heating and can be supplied with both fresh ambient air or return air for heat exchange

Fan Coil Unit
Concealed Ceiling Type Best fit for ducted applications of multiple zones. It is connected to an outdoor condensing unit for heat exchange. It has a volumetric capacity range from 200 CFM – 1200 CFM making it suitable for civil and residential use.

COOLMAX offers complete range of Ventilation products and solutions. We are providing Integrated solutions such as ventilation for Supply and Exhaust, Air curtains and other Industrial end to end solutions

Tube axial fan Designed for cost effective, reliable air movement in commercial and light industrial ducted and non-ducted applications. This unit is available with cast aluminium or fabricated steel propellers to meet specific application requirements. It exhausts air from a wide range of commercial applications such as factories, warehouses, workshops, gymnasiums, bulk goods retail outlets and assembly halls.

Centrifugal Blower The production of our Centrifugal blower include continuously welded heavy gauge steel housings with removable inlet plates and housings, Teflon shaft seals, flanged inlets and outlets for assured stable operation. Capacity Range: 500 CFM – 25000 CFM

Roof Extractor It extends the life span of roof and reduces roofing problems. A sturdy aluminium construction provides durability, longevity and is suitable for most roof types. This vent is ideal for all-year-round clearing out hot air during summer and reducing moisture build up during the winter months. It exhausts air from a wide range of commercial applications such as factories, warehouses, workshops, gymnasiums, bulk goods retail outlets and assembly halls.

EC Fans are generally recognised as being the latest thing in energy efficient air movement technology. EC stands for Electronically Commutated which implies a brush-less DC motor.

GLF Axial Fan Louvres on the airflow side makes it dust-proof and waterproof, The fan features large airflow capacity, low noise operation, energy efficiency and convenient installation. They are suitable for use in kitchens, warehouses and places with limited ventilation conditions of waste gas and hot air. Airflow: 7000-44500 m³/h

Misting Axial Fan It adopts a centrifugal misting system with easy installation and maintenance. It can handle large air volume over long distances. The misting volume is adjustable. It is applicable for factories, warehouses, green houses, livestock farms, opening-air restaurants, sports ground, swimming pools, outdoor work-sites, home application or in any outdoor area where you want to be comfortable

Air Curtain Optimized design for maintaining pressure differential across the door. The cross-flow fan coupled with an efficient motor promises good performance. Manual and wireless remote control are also available. Airflow : 1200 – 2300 m³/h


Plug Fans are preferred because of the fact that they are easy to clean and prevent accumulation of dust on the surfaces. They are highly efficient in high static conditions for low air volume.




Linear Grils

Adjustable Grills


Cooling Tower structure and Quality Core components such as Fills, Fans and Water distribution piping enables us to provide absolute guarantee for high-efficiency thermal performance & adequate air flow design for cooling purpose.

We provide a wide range of water & air-cooled chillers, with scroll & screw type compressors. Our chiller solutions are designed to bring efficient and reliable cooling to all types of commercial and industrial applications.


Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

● Environmental friendly refrigerant

● Automatically optimized air volume and    condensing pressure

● Long service life of  compressors

● Efficient heat exchangers

● Dynamically adjusting expansion valves


Water Cooled Screw Chiller

● Various refrigerant configurations

● High performance compressor

● Improved cooling capacity and energy    efficiency ratio

● Accurate electronic expansion valve

● Efficient oil separator

Perfect Equipment

L/U Banding Machine
Hair-Pin Banding
Tube Aligning Machine
High Speed Fin Press