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Our Range of Doors are designed for safe, Fast, Efficient and Simple Operation for Internal / External busy doorways.

Well-conceived design for low / high wind loads and moderate / high tempreture.

Coolmax Range of Doors is designed for Safe, Fast, Efficient and Simple Operation for any Internal/External busy doorways. These doors are characterized by their high-quality components and well-conceived design which can be used both inside and outside in sheltered areas that have low/high wind loads and moderate/high temperature. These doors are most suited for controlling environment conditions inside the factory, they also help in improving the flow of traffic through busy doorways.
Self-supporting structure for simple and reliable operation. Speed adjustments are possible in all types of doors. Due to their modern and variable look, our doors perfectly match architecture of any building. These doors are designed to ensure smooth and noiseless operation.


1. Insulated Doors

2. High Speed Roll Up Doors

3. Sectional Doors

4. Folding Doors

5. Fire Safety doors

6. PVC Strip Doors

Insulated Doors

Your search for high quality reefer boxes, Chiller vans or Refrigerated vehicles ends at us. We guarantee to provide the perfectly suited refrigerated transport solution that will perform it’s daily requirements effectively from day one. We offer the following solutions

Sectional Doors

This door can be opened vertically and it is made up of horizontal panels that run along lateral guides; moreover, it is fitted out with articulated joints placed among the panels, it bends when approaching the ceiling and it places itself parallel to it, letting the passage opening free.

High Speed Roll up Doors