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Every standout creation is the result of the human ability – to see things with the open mind. Every groundbreaking idea is formed out of the willingness – to think differently, to go beyond. Every action is born out of a skill we all possess – IMAGINATION. Pakistan, due to its placement is a very diverse country with all types of environment and fertile land conditions enabling us to explore varied Product lines. At COOLMAX, being a ONE WINDOW Solution Company we claim to process the ideas of our clients with Excellence and Precision enabling us to form strong and a healthy working relation. We constantly work with our business partners to provide solutions according to their needs. We have a strong and a skilled team of Professional Engineers overseeing Designing, Manufacturing, Quality Control and after Sales service.

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COOLMAX International manufactures and installs a wide range of HVAC and refrigeration systems. These include large central Air-conditioning plants, Packaged Air-conditioning systems, Split air conditioners; Commer- cial Refrigeration equipment. COOLMAX other ventures include Installation, Operation & Maintenance of HVACR System, Electrical, Data Communication products and Special Control Valves etc.

Coolmax Building Technologies

COOLMAX Building Technologies delivers end-end building solutions - for Commercial, Industrial, Warehousing, Logistics, Aviation, Agriculture, Sports Stadia and other sectors - powered by technical collaborations with global leaders, to surpass customer expectations through Innovation, Design Versatility, World-Class Service, High-End Engineering Expertise and Cost-effective solutions.

Coolmax Airconditioning

COOLMAX International provides services for Central Air-Conditioning, Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration, Commercial equipment, Professional Electronics and Industrial Products. Our products maintain the highest Indoor Air Quality standards (IAQ) via American Air Filters along with reliable and highly efficient ABB Motors. Alongside our comprehensive solutions, we provide installation, operation and maintenance of HVAC systems,

Coolmax Concrete Technology

COOLMAX Concrete technology is the leading specialist in the field of architectural and structural Precast and Pre-Stressed concrete construction. We have expertise in structureal building systems, industrial buildings Foundations Beams Partition walls Column necks Slabs Boundry walls units External cladding Load bearing walls Coloumns Stair elements Precast seplic tanks and soak-aways