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Light Guage Steel

LGS Benefits:




Material Specification

LGS FRAMING All structural framing components shall conform to ASTM A 635 or equivalent hot dipped galvanized (G90 coating, complying with ASTM A 653/653M, C 955 or equivalent) with thickness and grade as required by structural design calculations (min. yield strength 550/350 MPa). X Drive @ screw shall be used for assembling of the structure.

Exterior Walling System

Option 1: Using 10 to 12mm Cement fiber board
Option 2: Using Steel Cladding System (Cost effective).
Option 3: Using brick masonry attached with LGS wall system.
Option 4: Light concrete using form work up to 4 feet. Remaining wall cladded with Cement Fiber or steel profile sheet.

Interior Walling System

Option 1: Using 8 to 10 mm Cement fiber board.

Option 2: Using 12 mm Gypsum board (cost Effective).

Option 3: Concrete using form work up to sill level. Remaining with 12mm Gypsum /CF.

Composite Decking System:

Option 1: 24mm Cement Fiber board Decking sheeting on LGS Joist or 12mm board with 50mm cement screed with tiles.

Option 2: Steel decking sheets with 50mm Cement screed and with tiles

First Floor ROOFING

LGS Trusses
Roof Panels
50 mm Glass Wool Insulation
0.6mm Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Profiled Sheeting.


All interior and Exterior walls shall be filled with mineral wool insulation. Glass wool insulation Blanket shall be used on first floor roof.